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Thank you for your donations!

Because LifeQuest is committed to the principle that its programs and services should be accessible to everyone, and because many of our members live on fixed or reduced incomes, registration and service fees are nominal. As an established 501 c (3) non-profit organization, the LifeQuest Board of Directors and staff must raise approximately 40% of the total operating costs for all of our programs. As the number of older Arkansans grows, the ongoing challenge for LifeQuest is to acquire the necessary resources to continue providing quality, accessible programming. Your thoughtful gift will help provide quality educational programming that keeps adults mentally alert, physically active and connected to the world around them. Complete the form below to make your online gift today. Should you wish to make a donation by check, please mail your donation to: LifeQuest, P.O. Box 25523, Little Rock, AR 72221.

LifeQuest United Day

Thank you to our LifeQuest family as we stand united even as we remain apart.  We are thankful for the matching gift for LifeQuest United Day provided by the LifeQuest Board of Directors who stepped up their support under difficult conditions.  This giving total is especially meaningful because it reflects a broad endorsement for LifeQuest programs during a stressful time for our organization and community. 

Gifts poured in from 310 donors.  Many of these participants, 136, gave to LifeQuest for the very first time!  We appreciate each of you and we thank you?

Click Here for a list of LifeQuest United Day donors.

Honorariums: Gifts made since January 2020

Donor In honor of
Elaine Dumas Alan Eastham
Melissa Jenkins Ron & Cynthia Edmonston
Anne Crow Sandra Hanson
Cathy Slater Emily Ingram
Judy Chastain LifeQuest Staff
Doris Krain LifeQuest Staff
Carol Ann McAdams LifeQuest Staff
Anne Parat LifeQuest Staff
Nan Selz LifeQuest Staff
Charlie Frith Ann West
Mary Sha Moriarty Ann West
Don Hamilton Fred Silva
Fay Jean Royce Fred Silva
Sharlie Rigby Micky Rigby
Jeanne Lloyd John Mize
Lynn Senn LifeQuest Staff
Eve Yancey Emily Ingram
Mike & Frances Watts Emily Ingram
John Shock Emily Ingram
Nan Selz Emily Ingram
Mary Lou Richards Emily Ingram
David Miller Emily Ingram
Chuck Goldner Emily Ingram
Charlie Frith Emily Ingram
Ralph & Mary Frances Cotham Emily Ingram
Chuck Chappell Emily Ingram
Rosemary Rogers Karen Hayes
Mike Watts Sandra & Jerry Hanson
John Shock Dent Gitchel
Adell Fogleman Nancy & Ansley Fleming

Memorials: Gifts made since January 2020

Donor In Memory of
Barbara Seelye Henry Bielefeld
Catherine English Marlys Bost
Judy Chastian Rod Cottrell
Lee Lee Doyle Rod Cottrell
Doris Krain Rod Cottrell
Virginia McMurray Rod Cottrell
Anne Parat Rod Cottrell
Wayne Triplett Rod Cottrell
Jim Aronson Bill Fulton
Rosemary Rogers Bill Fulton
Vicki Scott Bill Fulton
Leah Wilkinson Patti Jacuzzi
Leah Wilkinson Don Wold
Calvin Biggers Rod Cottrell
Janet Elwood Rod Cottrell
Sandra & Jerry Hanson Rod Cottrell
Diana Holzhauser Rod Cottrell
Jerry & Trudy Jacobson Rod Cottrell
Mary Lofton Rod Cottrell
Mary Ann McKuin Rod Cottrell
Quapaw Quarter Association Rod Cottrell
Terry Rasco Rod Cottrell
Mary Lou Richards Rod Cottrell
Jerry & Lynn Senn Rod Cottrell
Susan Sullivan Rod Cottrell
Jo Summar Rod Cottrell
Marguerite Covington Joe Crow
James Butler Richard Frothingham
Betty Glenn Henry Bielefeld
Laura Whitmore Henry Bielefeld
Nancy Blackston Bill Fulton
Barbara Dailey Bill Fulton
Liz Fulton Bill Fulton
Jan Gardner Bill Fulton
Margie Hargis King Bill Fulton
Joy Jones Bill Fulton
Doris Krain Bill Fulton
Mary Sha Moriarty Bill Fulton
Carolyn Pittman Bill Fulton
Clifford Earl Ramsey Bill Fulton
Lynn Senn Bill Fulton
Presley Jackson Courtney Jackson
Cindy Rotenberry Buddy Rotenberry
Larry McAdams Carol Schriver
Andrea Meurer Rose Rossi-Highfill
Jan Shorey Jenny Shorey
Mary Lofton Patrick Wells
James Butler Don Wold
Chuck Chappell Don Wold
Shirley Pine Don Wold
Clifford Earl Ramsey Don Wold
Eileen Turner Don Wold
Mike & Frances Watts Don Wold
Micky & Sharlie Rigby Bob Fleming

If reviewing these tributes sparked a consideration of your own, please feel free to use this donation section below. Honor gifts are good ideas for birthdays, anniversaries and to thank special instructors. Providing us with the honoree's address with guarantee a note card is sent to them.