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Thank you for your donations!

Because LifeQuest is committed to the principle that its programs and services should be accessible to everyone, and because many of our members live on fixed or reduced incomes, registration and service fees are nominal. As an established 501 c (3) non-profit organization, the LifeQuest Board of Directors and staff must raise approximately 60% of the total operating costs for all of our programs. As the number of older Arkansans grows, the ongoing challenge for LifeQuest is to acquire the necessary resources to continue providing quality, accessible programming.

Your thoughtful gift will help provide quality educational programming that keeps adults mentally alert, physically active and connected to the world around them. Complete the form below to make your online gift today. Should you wish to make a donation by check, please mail your donation to: LifeQuest, P.O. Box 25523, Little Rock, AR 72221.

Honorariums: Gifts made in 2021

Donor In honor of
Chuck Chappel Matilda Buchanan
Chuck Chappell Jane Gordon
Rosemary Rogers William and Cecilia Cobb
Sheri & Micky Simon Lindy Harrell
Marcie Smith LifeQuest Staff
Mike Watts LifeQuest Staff
Suzann Barr Catherine Lowry
Mike Watts Larry McAdams
Latitia Doppler David Miller
Peyton Bishop Anne Parat
Chuck Chappell Earl Ramsey
Chris Allen Angela Sewall
Dent Gitchel Dick Williams
John Shock Dick Williams

Memorials: Gifts made in 2021

Donor In Memory of
Austin & Ann Grimes Bob Bailey
John Meador Sam Banks
Pat Wiggins Sam Banks
Chris Hackler Chris Barrier
Carol Young Ozella Brummett
Virginia Buck George Buck
John Meador Charles Buxton
Dale Ronnel Charles Buxton
Jennifer Coleman Sam Caruthers
Austin & Ann Grimes Sam Caruthers
Tom Cox Pat Cox
Marianne Hamptom Pat Cox
Hightower Holding Pat Cox
Diana Holzhauser Pat Cox
Yana Scott Pat Cox
Lynn Senn Pat Cox
Presley Jackson Courtney Carmicheal Jackson
William Elwood Olga Elwood
Sharon Trout Bill Fulton
Tina Coffin Wray Jones
Ida Newberry Carl Koone
Barbara Baber Robert McCullough
Austin & Ann Grimes Frank Newell
Fred Ursery Frank Newell
Dana Ritchie Bob Ritchie
Bob Moore Allan Ward

Memorial gifts made to the Bob Cabe Educational Fund

Tributes were made to the Bob Cabe Advancement Memorial Fund by:
Bob Cabe Estate
Craig Campbell
Chuck Chappell
Anne Crow
Mary Dillard
Ernie and Elaine Dumas
Dent Gitchel
Chris Hackler
Tom Herrin
Sam Highsmith
Amy Kelly
Ginger Kneller
Kay Lavey
Mahlon Maris
Garrett McAinsh
Anne Mourning
Bobby Roberts
Elaine Scott
Frank Sewall
John and Cathy Slater
Annabelle Tuck
Fred and Sharon Ursery
Mike Watts
Mark White
Dick Williams
Ron Winters
Ginger Wright
Carol Young

If reviewing these tributes sparked a consideration of your own, please feel free to use this donation section below. Honor gifts are good ideas for birthdays, anniversaries and to thank special instructors. Providing us with the honoree's address will help us send an acknowledgement to them.