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Thank you for your donations!

Because LifeQuest is committed to the principle that its programs and services should be accessible to everyone, and because many of our members live on fixed or reduced incomes, registration and service fees are nominal. As an established 501 c (3) non-profit organization, the LifeQuest Board of Directors and staff must raise approximately 40% of the total operating costs for all of our programs. As the number of older Arkansans grows, the ongoing challenge for LifeQuest is to acquire the necessary resources to continue providing quality, accessible programming. Your thoughtful gift will help provide quality educational programming that keeps adults mentally alert, physically active and connected to the world around them. Complete the form below to make your online gift today. Should you wish to make a donation by check, please mail your donation to: LifeQuest, P.O. Box 25523, Little Rock, AR 72221.

Honorariums: Gifts made since January 2020

Donor In honor of
Elaine Dumas Alan Eastham
Melissa Jenkins Ron & Cynthia Edmonston
Anne Crow Sandra Hanson
Cathy Slater Emily Ingram
Judy Chastain LifeQuest Staff
Doris Krain LifeQuest Staff
Carol Ann McAdams LifeQuest Staff
Anne Parat LifeQuest Staff
Nan Selz LifeQuest Staff
Charlie Frith Ann West
Mary Sha Moriarty Ann West
Don Hamilton Fred Silva
Fay Jean Royce Fred Silva
Sharlie Rigby Micky Rigby
Jeanne Lloyd John Mize
Lynn Senn LifeQuest Staff
Eve Yancey Emily Ingram
Mike & Frances Watts Emily Ingram
John Shock Emily Ingram
Nan Selz Emily Ingram
Mary Lou Richards Emily Ingram
David Miller Emily Ingram
Chuck Goldner Emily Ingram
Charlie Frith Emily Ingram
Ralph & Mary Frances Cotham Emily Ingram
Chuck Chappell Emily Ingram
Rosemary Rogers Karen Hayes
Mike Watts Sandra & Jerry Hanson
John Shock Dent Gitchel
Adell Fogleman Nancy & Ansley Fleming

Memorials: Gifts made since January 2020

Donor In Memory of
Barbara Seelye Henry Bielefeld
Catherine English Marlys Bost
Judy Chastian Rod Cottrell
Lee Lee Doyle Rod Cottrell
Doris Krain Rod Cottrell
Virginia McMurray Rod Cottrell
Anne Parat Rod Cottrell
Wayne Triplett Rod Cottrell
Jim Aronson Bill Fulton
Rosemary Rogers Bill Fulton
Vicki Scott Bill Fulton
Leah Wilkinson Patti Jacuzzi
Leah Wilkinson Don Wold
Calvin Biggers Rod Cottrell
Janet Elwood Rod Cottrell
Sandra & Jerry Hanson Rod Cottrell
Diana Holzhauser Rod Cottrell
Jerry & Trudy Jacobson Rod Cottrell
Mary Lofton Rod Cottrell
Mary Ann McKuin Rod Cottrell
Quapaw Quarter Association Rod Cottrell
Terry Rasco Rod Cottrell
Mary Lou Richards Rod Cottrell
Jerry & Lynn Senn Rod Cottrell
Susan Sullivan Rod Cottrell
Jo Summar Rod Cottrell
Marguerite Covington Joe Crow
James Butler Richard Frothingham
Betty Glenn Henry Bielefeld
Laura Whitmore Henry Bielefeld
Nancy Blackston Bill Fulton
Barbara Dailey Bill Fulton
Liz Fulton Bill Fulton
Jan Gardner Bill Fulton
Margie Hargis King Bill Fulton
Joy Jones Bill Fulton
Doris Krain Bill Fulton
Mary Sha Moriarty Bill Fulton
Carolyn Pittman Bill Fulton
Clifford Earl Ramsey Bill Fulton
Lynn Senn Bill Fulton
Presley Jackson Courtney Jackson
Cindy Rotenberry Buddy Rotenberry
Larry McAdams Carol Schriver
Andrea Meurer Rose Rossi-Highfill
Jan Shorey Jenny Shorey
Mary Lofton Patrick Wells
James Butler Don Wold
Chuck Chappell Don Wold
Shirley Pine Don Wold
Clifford Earl Ramsey Don Wold
Eileen Turner Don Wold
Mike & Frances Watts Don Wold

If reviewing these tributes sparked a consideration of your own, please feel free to use this donation section below. Honor gifts are good ideas for birthdays, anniversaries and to thank special instructors. Providing us with the honoree's address with guarantee a note card is sent to them.

LifeQuest Donors 2019

Friends Level ($25 - $99)
Carl Anderson
Alice Andrews
Ed and Jeanne Anson
Rodney and Lenore Arent
Bob Bailey
Ginger Bankston-Bailey
Karin Bara
Barbra Bauer
Austin and Barbara Bell
Linda Bell
Peyton Bishop
Gene and Lynn Blagg
Jan Bowen
Philip and Virginia Breen
Jeanne Brown
Preston and June Brown
Jack and Diane Browne
Virginia Buck
Dave Carpenter
Gil Caver
John and Mary Chaney
Bonnie Clinton
Jerry Cobb
Jo Ann Cooper
Charles and Anne Crow
Gerald and Sherrill Damerow
Betty Deere
Catherine Ditamore
Doyne Dodd
Catherine Donovan
Alan Eastham
Judith Elane
Garry and Carol Enderlin
Charles Field
Mary Fine
Michaela Fitzhugh
Elizabeth Foti
LP Fraiser
Bill and Liz Fulton
Jim and Charlotte Gadberry
Bill Gaddy
Joan Gage
Jan Gardner
Susan Garner
Mary Anne Garnett
Marilyn Gibson
Arthur Gillum
Dewey Glasscock
Betty Glenn,
Carol Grider
Jewel Harper
Scott and Lindy Harrell
Miriam Hasson
Margaret Hatchett
Mary Reese Hicks
Kay Hodnett
Susan Howard
Carl Hummel
Rebecca Jackson
Neal Jansonius,
Barbara Jarvis
Melissa Jenkins
Ellen Johnson
Molly Jones
Marcel and Judith Karklins
Carol Kennedy
Hyesook Kim
Jeanne Lloyd
Ellen Lowitz
Catherine Lowry
Richard Lucy
Bill Marks
Garth or Joann Martin
Lee Ann Matson
Gail McKissick
Mary Ann McKuin
Bill and Bonnie Melchior
Andrea Meurer
Herbert or Patricia Monoson
Roberta Monson
Karen Montana
Jody Musgrove
Jeff and Dina Nash
Pam Noonan
Kirby and Ann Norwood
Bob Oberle
Joe O'Brien
Joyce Peck
Earl or Carolyn Peeples
Jean Pennucci
David or Shelia Peters
Shirley Pine
George and Kiki Plastiras
Harriet Powell
Arleta Power
Julia Price-Kent
Judy Quattlebaum
Sarah Rians
Rosemary Rogers
Andre and Louise Rollefson
Ree Routon
Vicki Scott
Sharon Sellars
Jerry and Lynn Senn
Rena Sheffer
Gary and Libby Smith
Lynn Smith
Connie Staley
Karl David and Jeannette Straub
Blanche Sullivan
Jo Summar
Patsy Tarvin
Janice Thames
Patricia Thessing
Peter Thomas
Anne Turner
Clinton and Services UofA Clinton School of Public Services
Michael and Debra Walden
Larry Walton
Blake Weber
Roy Whitehead
Bryte Williams
Hardy Winburn
Jon or Donna Wolfe
Sue Wolfe
Teresa Wood
Carol Young

Contributor ($100 - $249)
Lucy Abraham
Madelyn Adams
Joe and Sage Arnold
Jim Aronson
Vangie Atkinson
Janet Baker
Joe or Donna Bates
Don Bennett
Ann Biggers
Mary Ruth Brown
Judy Chastain
Cathy Christian
Mac and Carol Core
Ann West and Rod Cottrell
Ruth Craw
Jerome or Sharon Die
Mary Dillard
Bob Dorer
Ernie and Elaine Dumas
Gale Gill
Shirley Gilmore
Dent Gitchel
Lee and Jane Gordon
Don and Suzanne Hamilton
Jerry and Sandy Hanson
Barry Hardin
Glen Harrison
Sandra Hatcher
Nancy Haynes
Susie Henley
Martha Hunt
Bill and Beth Ingram
Casey and Emily Ingram
Jerry and Trudy Jacobson
Clint Johnson
Jim and Kathy Johnson
Jerry and Susan Jones
John Joyce
Philip and Ruthe Kaplan
Orlando and Gina Ladut
Kay Lavey
Elvon Lloyd
Marion Loughead
Aaron and Sandie Lubin
Larry & Carol Ann McAdams
Crata Castleberry and David McCullough
Doug and Judy McDowall
David Miller
Louise Miller
Mary Sha Moriarty
Janis Kearney and Bob Nash
Joan O'Neal
John and Alyce Parker
Mike and Jo Paulus
Art Pfeifer
Jon and Lisa Poteet
Ginney Pumphrey
Robert and Nancy Qualls
Joan Rabjohn
Kathleen Ramsey
Bill and Joanne Rausch
Faye Reynolds
Mary Lou Richards
Jackie Robbins
Martin and Virginia Roy
Elaine Scott
Barbara Silaski
Fred and Jean Silva
Sandra Smith
Terry Spurlock
Beth Stewart
Tom and Susan Stickland
Jean Stimers
Bill and Pat Tedford
Connie Wardell
Suzanne Warren
Bruce and Kathleen Wesson
Justin and Lindsay White
Ken and Gloria Williams
Jan and Paul Zelnick

Supporter ($250 - $499)
Bob Alexander
Richard and Sue Blake
Chuck and Carol Chappell
Sharum Dinning
Catherine English
Charles and Charlotte Frith
Chuck and Susan Goldner
Michael and Carolyn Gray
Bill and Suni Hoffman
Howard and Janie Hopkins
Karl and Izumi Liss
Mike and Becky Matthews
Anne Maxey
Garrett and Judy McAinsh
Bob Morgan
Walter and Sarah Nunnelly
Micky and Sharlie Rigby
Donna Ritchie
Ashley and Elisa Ross
Nan Selz
Frank and Angela Sewall
John and Nancy Shock
Russell Thurmond
Fred and Sharon Ursery
Tom Wakefield
Don and Shelley Wold

Sustainer ($500 - $999)
Dick and Bonnie Clough
Annette Connaway
Lee Lee Doyle
Jack Hoskyn
Presley Jackson
Gene and Bobbye Levy
Jim Manville
Anne Parat
Melanie Pilcher
George and Sandra Preiss
Jan Schillinger
Denny and Nancy Smith
Marcie Smith
Fran Henderson and Mike Watts

Silver Circle ($1,00 - $2,499)
Robert and Julie Cabe
Ralph and Mary Francis Cotham
Lee Davis
Bob Fleming
Diana Holzhauser
Marietta Kehler
George McLeod
John and Susan Meador
Ila Newberry
James Wallis
Dick and Ann Williams
Ron and Marsha Winters
Larry and Eve Yancey

Platinum Circle ($5,000 - $7,499)
Bob and Norma Moore

Diamond Circle ($7,500 and above)
Barbara Baber
Jane McCain Estate