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Presentations are in order of the instructors last name. 

The views expressed in presentations made in Zoom classes, on the LifeQuest of Arkansas Facebook Page, YouTube Channel or Website, are those of the speaker and not necessarily those of LifeQuest of Arkansas.

John Brummett with Behind the Headlines

John Brummett will be returning in our fall schedule.

April 8, 2020 Click Here
April 15, 2020 Click Here
April 22, 2020 Click Here
April 29, 2020 Click Here
May 6, 2020 Click Here
May 13, 2020 Click Here
May 20, 2020 Click Here
May 27, 2020 Click Here

Modern Dance: Isadora Duncan with Wayne Chapman

Wayne will return to teach for the last two weeks of summer and the fall.
Presented in the spring of 2020:
Part 1 of Isadora Duncan Click Here
Part 2 of Isadora Duncan Click Here


Jazz and Life:  An Avenue to Peace in all Times with Tom Cox

Tom will return for the summer schedule.

April 15, 2020 Click Here
April 22, 2020  Click Here
April 29, 2020  Click Here
May 6, 2020  Click Here
May 13, 2020 Click Here
May 20 2020 Click Here
May 27, 2020 Click Here

Foreign Policy Chat with Alan Eastham

Alan will return in in the fall. 

April 9, 2020 Click Here
April 16, 2020 Click Here
April 22nd was not recorded, we apologize for any inconvenience. 
April 30, 2020 Click Here
May 7, 2020 Click Here
May 14, 2020 Click Here
May 21, 2020 Click Here
May 28,2020 Click Here
June 4,2020 Click Here
June 11, 2020 Click Here

Science and Science Fiction with Dr. Fred Silva
Courtesy of LifeQuest and Arkana Laboratories in Little Rock, AR

Fred will return for our fall schedule.

April 27, 2020:  Metropolis click here
May 4, 2020:  E.T/Meeting Aliens click here
May 11, 2020:  Multiverse: How many Universes are there? - Note: Only the last 40 minutes of the class was recorded. Click Here for the slides of the entire class.
May 18, 2020:  Time Travel: Want to take a trip?
May 25 2020:  Robots/Artificial Intelligence/Cyborgs
June 1, 2020:  Space Travel/Explorations
June 8, 2020:  Transhumanism (Making a better you)

Sketch Your World with Kenneth Williams

Ken will be teaching a beginning summer class that will be archived on our website.

For Ken Williams' list of recommended supplies Click Here.


April 8:  Skies and Clouds Class Presentation Click Here. 
              Slides only: Click Here.
For the handouts Click Here
April 15: Trees and Grasses.Presentation Click Here
              For the handouts, Click Here.
April 22: Architecture:  Click Here.
For the handouts: Click Here.
April 29: Class Presentation Click Here.
              Architecture Part 1 Slides Only:  Click Here. 
For the handouts, Click Here.   
May 6th: Architecture Part 2 Slides Only Click here. 
              For the handouts Click here.
May 13: Arches, abstracts & Atmospherics: Presentation: Click Here
              Slideshow Only: Click Here.
              For the handouts Click Here.
May 20: Composition & Depth: Presentation Click here
             Slideshow Only: Click Here
             For the handouts: Click here
May 27: Presentation Click Here
              Slideshow Only Click Here
             For the handouts: Click Here

Yoga with Linda King

Read My Shorts by Bill Rausch

Enjoy short story podcasts by LifeQuest Instructor Bill Rausch.  Click Here

Rich Roy performs original song "The Coronovirus is Upon Us"