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LifeQuest Instructor Bios

LifeQuest instructors come from a broad range of backgrounds and fields of expertise.  Master gardeners, physicians, college professors and artists - all LifeQuest instructors volunteer their time and talents to share their knowledge with our members every term.

Sherry Bartley
Bob Brown
John Brummett
Bob Burns
Wayne Chapman
Chuck Chappell
Sandra Cone
Tom Cox 
Alan Eastham 
Nancy Fleming
Charlie Frith 
Dent Gitchel
Pat Goss
Jerry Hanson 
Susan Hurst 
Joy Jones
Phil Kaplan
Linda King
Judy Langford-Brodie 
Rick Leach
Philip Martin
John Mize
Mary Sha Moriarty
Bill Owens 
Rosemary Rogers
Lynn Senn
Ruth Shepherd 
Fred Silva
Stephanie Spencer
Debbie Strobel
Elizabeth Vines 
Mike Walden 
Glen White
Dick Williams 
Jon Wolfe
Suzanne Yung