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Adventures in Learning

Enrollment Now Open for AIL Spring Term

Our February and early March winter weather has battered us and caused regrettable cancellations.  But we have proof that Spring is just around the corner.  Enrollment is now open for our Adventures in Learning Spring Term scheduled for April 1 - May 21.

As usual, you may submit a hard-copy registration form to the LifeQuest office or register online (click the button below) and pay via credit card. 

Mark Your Calendars for the future.

* Spring Term ‘15 — April 1– May 21
* Summer Term ‘15 — July 8-July 30

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Inclement Weather Policy

Winter Weather Policy

If the Little Rock Public Schools are closed for any part of the day - including Late Opening, Adventures in Learning for that day will be cancelled and the LifeQuest office will be closed for the entire day.

The Arkansas Community Foundation is challenging all Arkansans to make a donation on a single day in recognition of the vital work our local charitable organizations do. On April 2, you can help grow the love for Arkansas’s nonprofit organizations by making an online donation to your favorite nonprofit (LifeQuest, of course!) between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. As a special incentive to give, each gift made through ArkansasGives on April 2 will be matched with additional bonus dollars; the more you give, the more bonus dollars LifeQuest will receive. The minimum gift is $25. Mark your calendar and learn more at

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Another "In Quest of Life" Offering

John Brummett Recognized for 10-Year Commitment to AIL

John Brummett has been leading the ever-popular Behind the Headlines for ten years now.

This course has had the largest attendance of any course since it began. In observance of the ten years, LifeQuest commissioned political cartoonist John Deering (Arkansas Democrat Gazette) to create an original cartoon as a surprise gift for Brummett.

The 16 x 20 framed artwork was presented to Brummett in front of his class on January 14, 2015, the first Wednesday of the winter term of Adventures in Learning.

Thank you John for all the perspective, understanding and entertainment you have provide to so very many over the past ten years.