Curriculum Committee

The LifeQuest Curriculum Committee plans the curriculum for each term and brings a balance of the tried-and-true favorite subjects and instructors as well as new and interesting topics and timely and varied subjects. Thanks to the considerable efforts of this group of volunteers, LifeQuest classes are always interesting, fun, and informative.

  • Sandy Hanson, Chair
  • Ann West, Co-Chair
  • Richard A. Williams, Co-Chair
  • Shelley Wold, Co-Chair
  • Chuck Chappell
  • Carol Enderlin
  • Arthur W. Gillum
  • Marietta Kehler
  • Elvon Lloyd
  • Garrett McAinsh
  • Ralph McKenna
  • Jody Musgrove
  • Walter Nunn
  • Anne Parat
  • Melanie Pilcher
  • Nancy Irving Smith

Leah Greenfield, Staff Liaison to Committee

If you are interested in joining the Curriculum Committee, please contact Leah Greenfield at 225-6073 or 



LifeQuest Instructor Bios

LifeQuest instructors come from a broad range of backgrounds and fields of expertise.  Master gardeners, physicians, college professors and artists - all LifeQuest instructors volunteer their time and talents to share their knowledge with our members every term.

Dr. Jane Anne Blakney-Bailey
Susan Borne
Shirley Brainard
John Brummett
Bob Burns
Clarence Cash
Chuck Chappell
Mark Christ
Tina Coffin
Kellie Coleman
Rich Corby
Melissa Diller
Ann Filiatreau
Nancy Fleming
Bill Fulton
Jerry Hanson
Sandra Hanson
Barry Hardin
Glen Harrison
Tom Herrin
Kevin Jones
Linda King
Rick Leach
Kristen Lippencott
Elvon Lloyd
Philip Martin
Garrett McAinsh
Bill Melchior
Madame Sue Mistric
Bill Moore
Jody Musgrove
Jeffery E. Nash
Jeanne Rollberg
A. Mazin Safar
Bob Savary
Sharon Sellars
Jerry Senn
Fred Silva
Judy Smithey
Joe Tucker
Larry Walton