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Curriculum Committee

The LifeQuest Curriculum Committee plans the curriculum for each term and brings a balance of the tried-and-true favorite subjects and instructors as well as new and interesting topics and timely and varied subjects. Thanks to the considerable efforts of this group of volunteers, LifeQuest classes are always interesting, fun, and informative.

Curriculum Committee

Anne Parat,* Chair
Chuck Chappell
Sandra Cone
Charles Frith
Arthur W. Gillum*
Marietta Kehler
Doris Krain
Elvon Lloyd
Mary Sha Moriarty
Jody Musgrove
Melanie Pilcher
Bill Rausch
Faye Reynolds
Roby Robertson
Jeanne Rollberg
Rich Roy
Sharon Sellers
Angela Sewall
Sheri Simon
Eileen Turner
Sharon Ursery
Connie Wardell
Ann West*
Richard Williams*
* Steering Committee

Digital Learning Sub Committee

Doris Davis
Beth Foti
Charles Frith
Martha Hunt
Pat Kissire
Doris Krain
Judy McDowall
Joan McKinstry
John Mize
Bill Owens
Bill Singley

If you are interested in joining the Curriculum Committee, please contact Leah Greenfield at 225-6073 or