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Class Descriptions

What is LifeQuest

LifeQuest of Arkansas, a nonprofit charitable organization, was founded in 1981 as The Shepherd's Center of Little Rock (we remain an affiliate of The Shepherd’s Centers of America) to provide a framework through which adults can plan and create a more purposeful and rewarding life. LifeQuest is not a religious organization, yet fourteen interfaith congregations joined together to fund and begin LifeQuest. Today there are many various affiliated congregations and corporate sponsors. 

LifeQuest educational classes are available to adults of all ages. Our program is based on an open-university concept, with no homework, tests or grades. Four educational terms are conducted annually: three eight week terms and one four week summer term.

Each term offers online and in-person classes Mondays - Thursdays with lecture/discussion and hands-on classes on a variety of topics:

  • Art & hobbies (painting, genealogy, Mah Jongg)
  • Exercise (yoga, tai chi)
  • Digital learning workshops (Introduction to iPhone, PowerPoint, File Management)
  • Health & science (anatomy, cooking classes, geography)
  • History & politics (art history, current events, foreign policy)
  • Literature and languages (book studies, Spanish instruction)
  • Music and theater (classical & folk music, movies, history & appreciation)
  • Social topics (religion classes, retirement issues)

New classes are added each term; all are developed and coordinated by a Curriculum Committee made up of LifeQuest volunteers. Authorities in their respective fields serve as volunteer instructors. 

Mission Statement

To enhance life’s journey during the middle and later years through lifelong learning and meaningful volunteerism within the community.

Please browse our website to learn more about our lifelong learning opportunities and contact our office for volunteer opportunities